Will This Grey’s Anatomy Character Be Pregnant?

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Caterina Scorsone, the actress who plays Amelia on Grey's Anatomy, announced Thursday that she's expecting her second child. Fans may be wondering, what does this mean for her character in season 13? The actress told Entertainment Weekly that her character's plot will likely center on adjusting to married life after hastily deciding to tie the knot with Owen. “I think they don’t want to burn through all that story." Scorsone added that when she was pregnant with her first, Shonda Rhimes incorporated it into her character's Private Practice story line. "I think Shonda is going to give me a break on this one." Of course, it's not like there's quota for how many times a character can get pregnant. Though there's still the issue of what to do when she begins to show. “They’re definitely going to have to do some fun hiding,” she said. “Super camera work and super wardrobe time.” It's interesting that she seems to be giving away a big part of her character's upcoming story. Or is she trying to mislead us? We'll just have to wait and see how the series handles her pregnancy this fall. Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC September 22.

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