Mariah Carey Confirms That This World Does Indeed Belong To Her

Photo: Rob Latour/Variety.
For almost three decades now, Mariah Carey has deserved a reality show. This fall that American dream will become a reality: E! will air an eight-part documentary series about the diva's life. Here's what we know for sure: Mimi has been emancipated, and we already have her memoirs. We also know she's an elusive chanteuse. Mariah's World looks like it will confirm everything we've always thought: Mariah Carey is simply a national treasure. The latest trailer outlines the scope of the show's subject. Cameras follow Carey as she prepares for a European tour, capturing moments of stress, silliness, and family time. "I haven't been on tour in Europe since at least 10 years ago when I was 10," Carey joked during a TCA panel, according to People. "So I was just like 'Let's just show the behind the scenes and what its really takes to do a tour.'" The best thing about Carey is that she's never pretended to be normal. She was born a prima donna, and she demands to live as one. "Is this a normal outfit for people to wear?" she asks in the trailer, posted up on a plush chaise lounge in a leotard and stilettos. "I don't know! But I'm at home, and this is what I wear."

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