This Kid’s Letter To Beyoncé Is #Goals

"Out of the mouths of babes," right? An 8-year-old Beyoncé fan has demonstrated a firm grasp of the cultural zeitgeist. The unnamed Beyhive member's letter to Bey went viral for perfectly praising the queen's dominance.

"Dear, Beyoncé — my favorite singer," the letter reads. "You are the best you are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers but your the only one who shoots out sparkle and lite up the sky. My favorite song is sorry that song be poppin I be turnt up."
So maybe the kid still has some comma rules to learn. But the heart wants what it wants, and when Beyoncé flips her hair and bestows her blessings, who doesn't be poppin? Who isn't turnt up?

The letter was written by a young student for a summer school assignment, according to Reddit user Mattwalks. High marks all around.

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