The Pokémon Craze Just Went WAY Too Far With This Dog Dyed To Look Like Pikachu

Photo Credit: Shirlaine Forrest / Contributor.
The Pokémon Go obsession is so real. Kids are playing it. Millennials are playing it. Even A-list celebrities are playing it. The hype is inescapable. Unfortunately, that also applies to animal bystanders. While playing the addicting mobile game obsessively is an issue in its own right, involving one's pets really feels like crossing a line. Pikachu is without a doubt an adorable cartoon character, but that does not mean that an equally cute dog should be dyed to match the fictional creature's appearance. According to a viral video first spotted on Facebook and now spreading across the internet, someone came across a pet-owner who had transformed a Pomeranian into Pikachu. Many commenters on the video are upset that someone would dye a loving pet yellow and red. Some are leaving some pretty heated rebukes. One commenter wrote, "Why would you even do that to any animal. Smh." Another agreed, writing, "What the fuck! This is just the stupidest cruelest thing I've seen in a while. I love Pokémon, but this is just plain moronic! Learn to treat animals with respect! Can't believe people like this shit!!" See the video, below.

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