Cara Delevingne Has A “Nipple Detector”

Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images.
In case it escaped anyone's attention, Cara Delevingne is kind of weird. And in an interview with Good Morning America Monday morning, the actress and model let her weird flag fly. The interview got a little off track when Delevingne, who was sharing the interview with her Suicide Squad castmates Margot Robbie and Karen Fukuhara, revealed a hidden talent of hers. "I bet anyone that has a T-shirt on, that I can find their nipple — right away. I have, like, a nipple detector," she said. If you think she was kidding, clearly you don't know Cara. Putting her money where her fingertips are, Delevingne honed in on the nipples of her co-stars in seconds flat, despite the fact that they were both wearing black tops, and poked spots that were "millimeters away" from their respective nipples, according to Robbie. The thoroughly inclusive actress also managed to locate the nipples of the trio's interviewer, lest anyone think the star just got lucky (so to speak) the first two times. In the film, Delevingne plays archaeologist June Moon, who becomes possessed by an ancient, evil witch, which turns her into the Enchantress. Robbie and Fukuhara play Harley Quinn and Katana, respectively. No word yet whether or not Cara's, ahem, talents made it into the film.
Suicide Squad opens Friday, August 5.

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