Bow Wow Can't Relate To Civil Rights Issues, Because He's "Not Black"

Bow Wow took to Twitter last night to answer questions from fans and ended up sharing some interesting thoughts on Donald Trump, his own identity, and civil rights.

It started after Bow Wow was asked whether he would vote for Hillary Clinton or Trump. "I dont really care because after I learned what I learned about politics I just stay away," he tweeted.

Then, another fan told Bow Wow he should care about politics "based on the fact that [his] ancestors died so that [he] could have the right to vote!"

But Bow Wow responded to fans who felt he had an obligation to be a part of the political process by telling them he's "not Black" and therefore couldn't relate to the civil rights movement in America.

"Yeah I seen SELMA," Bow Wow tweeted. "Was I related to anyone no. [I'm] saying my moss side of family is NOT BLACK. Heritage different."

Fans pushed back at that comment, tweeting that they didn't understand why this meant he couldn't support civil rights. Others wrote that they had seen a photo of his dad on Instagram and that he was clearly Black.

Bow Wow clarified that what he meant from his "not Black" comment was that he was of a mixed race, explaining his "ancestors were in tribes. My moss side of my family is white and native."

He later added, "Seen his mom? My grandma is not [Black]. My [dad's] father was mixed. My dad look like a drunk [Cuban] with no rhythm.

"NO BLACK really on the moss side of the family," he tweeted. "All my cousins have BLONDE HAIR BRO. Nephew etc.. look like [Bieber]."

But no matter what he looks like, Bow Wow made it clear in a response to one fan, "People want me to fight the power, I'm just not with all that. It's not me."
Image: Bow Wow/Twitter.
However, Bow Wow wasn't done talking about Trump, writing that he understood that no one wanted Trump to win, "But real is REAL! Homie hotels be the shit. Haha all [BS] aside. He can run hotels. U.S.A.? I dunno."

When fans questioned if this was support for Trump, Bow Wow fired back by praising Trump's hotel game some more, but not the man behind them. "He hard at the hotel chain shit HE DO THAT! REAL-ESTATE HE A GURU," Bow Wow wrote. "But as Pres? NO BRO NO!!"

With all the pushback from his comments, Bow Wow would go on to make a poll asking his fans if they thought he should stop staying at Trump hotels. Not surprisingly, his fans weren't down with it, so he asked if they could "just let me stay at the one in T DOT only! Too hard."

Bow Wow may have just been trolling everyone, since he would later tweet, "People to [sic] sensitive bro like if you feel that important then stop tweeting me and go vote. I'm minding mine."

As for who he thinks they should vote for, Bow Wow did eventually add (hours after the original question of Clinton or Trump), "Im not voting for Trump. So you better not."

Better late than never, right?

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