Why It’s Harder To Orgasm When You’re Drunk

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
A recent study suggested that couples who drink together are more likely to be happier in their relationship — unfortunately, these findings don't always extend to the couple's sex lives, as many who have been unable to orgasm after a few drinks can tell you. The fact remains that drinking can have an adverse effect on pleasure — men's and women's alike. In order to find out why, Shape turned to sexpert Dr. Logan Levkoff. Related: The Real Reason You Can't Orgasm During Sex Drinking alcohol makes you dehydrated. And, well, your vagina is going to feel those effects, too, Dr. Levkoff explains. "If you have a vagina and you want to engage in sex," she says, "you want lubrication." But, if you've been drinking and you're solely relying on natural lubrication (as opposed to one of these options), there's a chance that you'll experience some extra friction, which tends to make sex more painful and less enjoyable. This combination, you might have guessed, can easily result in no orgasm. Related: Help! What To Do If A Condom Comes Off Inside You So, the next time you're tipsy and in the mood, just reach for the lube — and a condom, Dr. Levkoff stresses. That said, she adds that you can always talk to your doctor if you believe your inability to climax is a chronic problem and not just due to a night of drinking. We just happen to have some tips to offer, too.

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