This Bachelor Australia Contestant Wins Rose & Promptly Eats It

The Bachelorette is basically our fourth major sport. We’ve, so far this season, been treated to an NFL quarterback’s embarrassing brother and some funny drunk commentary by a former contestant. But did you know it’s in other countries? That’s right, folks, other areas of the world have blandly handsome and ridiculously fit white people with capped teeth and a whacked out sense of boundaries that will compete against dozens of strangers to get married to someone they’ve never met. Who knew! Australia is basically The Bachelor of countries. Not going to explain that, just going to move on. Their version of The Bachelor is just now beginning to air. Things went more or less according to plan, as Buzzfeed Australia notes. Their Bachelor is a guy named Richie, they have like so many women in sparkly dresses. You know the drill. But then the Russian contestant, Sasha, won a rose at the ceremony. To understand what happens next, you’ll have to know something about reality TV. Contestants are basically pumped full of liquor until they forget they’re on TV. At least we think that's how it works. Anyways, Sasha ate [clap emoji] her [just pretend the claps are in here] damn rose. Look.
"I'm standing there and I'm like, 'Is she eating that rose?" Bachelor Richie Strahan tells the Sydney Morning Herald. Let's go to the tape to find out.
Yep! The Bachelor Australia airs online here. Apparently it’s insanely lit, you should watch.

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