Former Bachelorette Contestant Gets Drunk, Comments On The Bachelorette

You can take Wells Adams out of The Bachelorette, but you can’t take The Bachelorette out of Wells Adams. Or the beer, apparently. The former contestant took to Snapchat (or, as he spells it, "Snapchap") to document his thoughts on the “Hometowns.” His story, which he also posted to Facebook, is beyond glorious. At various points he calls out families for missing stair banisters, “feathered lethal windblown hair,” and drops a Meet the Fockers reference that proves he probably doesn’t remember who is in the movie. Of course, there’s a random mirror selfie in the middle for good measure. And drinking. So, so much drinking. Like, this is basically Drunk History but for reality TV. This is like Spencer Pratt’s Twitter feed come to life and fed beer until it starts messaging people "sup" at 2 a.m. This is what we’re here for. Watch below.

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