Microsoft Word’s Newest Feature Will Help You Ace That Research Paper

The hardest part of writing sometimes is simply getting started. But once you've got that done, making sure your language is clear, that you've included quality sources, and that you credit those sources properly can be a challenge, too. And that’s why Microsoft Word just added some incredibly handy new features that both students and professionals will be able to use. Researcher is one of a few new tools that will come with the Microsoft Office 365 update available this month. Microsoft explains that Researcher assists you in finding and using sources without even having to minimize your Word Document. With some help from Bing Knowledge Graph, Researcher offers information from only the most reliable sources (not Wikipedia, i.e.). And if that wasn't enough, it also automatically formats your citations properly. No more double-checking detailed style guides to build those bibliographies at the end of a report. In the coming months, Researcher will expand to include sources like national science and health centers, encyclopedias, history databases, and more. Microsoft also added a writing assistant called Editor. Instead of just focusing on spelling and grammar — which the program already does — Editor goes one step further to provide more advanced proof-reading and editing suggestions. In particular, it'll look out for whether you use the same words over and over again, and offer more succinct phrasing when it makes sense. As long as you're not purposely being verbose to reach a word minimum for a piece, that will definitely be useful whether you're a student, blogger, or write heavily in your profession. Check out the video below to get an inside look at how Researcher and Editor both work.

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