Watch This Charming Video Of Sir Ian McKellen Making Eggs

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images.
We love getting cooking tips from celebrities. Whether it's Chrissy Teigen teaching us how to make the perfect boiled eggs via Snapchat, or Kylie Jenner sharing her favorite slider recipe on her app, we're all ears. With this in mind, we were beyond excited to discover even Sir Ian McKellen had a little culinary wisdom to impart upon us. Sir Ian McKellen, a.k.a Gandalf, a.k.a. the celebrity we most wish was our grandpa, appeared in a video where he shows us step-by-step how to make what he claims are "the best scrambled eggs in the world." McKellen learned the recipe from his step-mother Gladys, and he says, it's his favorite breakfast. The three essential ingredients in these perfect scrambled eggs are pretty simple: half and half (or milk), butter, salt, pepper and, of course, eggs. The actor doesn't offer exact measurements of the ingredients but says it takes some guess work. Most notably, he doesn't whip up the eggs, milk, and seasoning before putting them in the pan. Instead, he cracks the eggs straight into the pan and begins mixing up all the ingredients once the heat is on. McKellen proposes listening to the radio or chatting with your "beloved" while you cook your eggs, which might be the most precious cooking suggestions we've ever heard. Other impressive tips teach us exactly when to take the eggs off the heat and the right pan to use. He finishes his video by tasting his perfectly scrambled eggs and wishing his viewers a happy breakfast in his charming British accent.

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