Cooking With Kylie Is Back & Better Than Ever

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
Cooking with Kylie has returned, this time with special guests Khloé Kardashian and Harry Hudson. What’s on the menu this month? Teriyaki sliders! And you guessed it, Teriyaki sauce is the "secret ingredient."

Within the first 10 seconds of the video, Kylie reveals that her sous chef Khloé doesn’t actually even eat red meat. It seems odd that Kylie didn’t ask one of her other three sisters to assist her on this beef-centric episode, but Harry, a good friend of Kylie's, chimed in after this revelation to point out that it’s always good to know how to make burgers for "your man." We have quite a few thoughts about that — this isn't the '50s, Harry! But, we're going to stay focused on what this web series is all about — Kylie cooking with mid-level enthusiasm at best.
Although the show is supposed to be CookingWITH Kylie, in this particular episode, the star really does all the work. When it came time to mix the seasonings and sauces with the meat, Khloé let Kylie take the reigns due to her long fake nails and numerous rings. Despite not actually doing much of the meal prep, Khloé steals the show with her catchy verbal cues like, “When in doubt, garlic it out.” We agree wholeheartedly, Khloé.
Throughout the episode, Khloé cheers on her younger sister every step of the way. She shouts positive affirmations like “Cute!” and “I love tricks!” most of which come out of her mouth while she stares down at her phone screen, giving new meaning to the term “phoning it in.” The highlight of the episode comes when the threesome toast their slider buns and spout out numerous double entendres about the process.
Surprisingly, Kylie's sliders actually look like the most appetizing of her recipes thus far. No matter what she cooks up next, we'll be here to watch.

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