The Drunk Bachelorette Recap Is Back

JoJo may not have given Wells Adams a rose, but we'd like to give him a whole bouquet — and a bottle of Jack Daniels, while we're at it. Last week the dismissed Bachelorette contestant scored social media gold by Snapchatting the show while becoming increasingly boozy on beer. Luckily, his hangover ended and he was back in action to comment on last night's episode. This time, he made Old Fashioneds. As it happens, last night's Bachelorette featured the always-juicy overnight visits to the Fantasy Suite. Adams had plenty of material to work with, riffing on walk of shames, Luke's rejection face, Chris Harrison's diction, and Robby's penchant for white jeans. "Who do you think owns more pairs of white jeans: Robby, or Don Johnson?" he asked. "Or Ricky Martin?" Not surprisingly, he's also created his own drinking game: Take a sip every time JoJo says "crazy." Eventually, our hero had to move on to beer. Watch below to see him weigh in on monkeys, "Pleasuretown: population 2," and why nobody has ever looked cool on a scooter. He might have called that one, Chase.

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