The Walking Dead Glitter Prank War Is Epically Amazing

The Walking Dead is a grim, gray show dealing with the reality of a world that’s been overtaken by a zombie horde. The Walking Dead cast, however, is obsessed with glitter. Well, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are at least. Reedus and Lincoln have been involved in a prank war that has now escalated to spill over into their panel appearance at Comic-Con. We’ll walk you through the duel, so strap in. Things kicked off when Reedus glitter-attacked Lincoln’s Ford (very American of him). Lincoln thought the attack was over, then he turned on his AC. There was still, like, so much glitter.

Glitter attack successful ?

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Lincoln licked his wounds but didn’t admit defeat. He explained the aftermath thusly on the Comic-Con panel, after explaining that people are now calling him “Sparkles” and “Glitter Boy.” "I used to be somebody in my own hometown,” Lincoln said. “And when I got on the plane to go to San Diego, my two children had tears in their eyes and they said, "What did nanny Norman do?" And I said, sweethearts, he's humiliated your father on an international scale. And they said ‘What can we do?’" And then he attempted to even the score. Watch below.
Of course, Hardwick posted the selfie almost immediately. Here it is. He glitter-bearded himself!

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