This Beyoncé Fan’s Epic Rant During Her Concert Is Totally Justified

The latest mobile craze has officially gone too far. A Beyoncé "fan" has been exposed for standing steps away from the queen herself at a recent concert — and playing Pokémon Go.

Honorary Beyhive member Anand Desai-Barochia put a fellow stage-side ticket-holder on blast over the weekend during Bey's show outside Paris. Desai-Barochia saw that a nearby concertgoer actually had her eyes glued to Pokémon Go instead of basking in the greatness the Formation Tour had to offer.

She's lucky Solange never saw her. Side note I'm never showering again.

A video posted by Anand Desai-Barochia (@ananddb) on

"This bitch is finding Pokémon! She's finding Pokémon while Beyoncé is singing!" Desai-Barochia said, taking a video of the offender. "Look at where she is! She's next to the stage!"

Perhaps this can serve as a teachable moment for Formation Tour's lucky ticket holders: Consider pressing pause on Pokémon Go during this one-in-a-lifetime experience. The only thing you need to catch on Beyoncé's stage are feelings.

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