The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Is Here

Season 7 of The Walking Dead returns October 23. But today we got a glimpse at what we can expect, courtesy of the latest batshit crazy trailer.
You might get a bit dizzy watching it, because it's about a minute and a half of flashbacks for all the characters. Then once the dizzy part is done, you'll get creeped out, because Neegan is there saying things that are ominous but also kind of fun? Then you'll get grossed out because there are lots of zombie guts and killings.
We don't know who Neegan killed, of course, because that would be bad marketing. Plus, I don't wanna know! Spoilers are lame as hell. But we do see a first look at King Ezekiel. HE HAS A TIGER, YOU GUYS.
Check out the trailer for season 7 below. And come back and visit me October 23, when I'll dutifully return to my recaps.

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