You Won’t Believe Kylie Jenner’s Go-To Brunch Spot

Photographed by Marshall Bright.
Kylie Jenner gave us all a rather surprising recommendation recently: her favorite brunch spot. The fact that she shared this info isn't what shocked us — it's her choice of dining destination that has us feeling a little confused. Kylie's honorary gold crown pick (no seriously she is wearing a gold crown in the photo and everything) is none other than national chain Le Pain Quotidien. The fast-casual spot is pretty much around every corner in major cities — to avocado toast what Starbucks is to coffee: uniform and available to the masses. Hence, it's the LAST place we'd ever imagine Jenner royalty to frequent. But, since we're big into eating like celebs, I knew that her order was calling my name and that I had to don a crown when brunching like King Kylie herself. So off I went, straight to the nearest Le Pain Quotidien.
I arrived with her go-to brunch description ready on my phone: "Depends on what I'm in the mood for, but three of my favorites are: waffles with powdered sugar, avocado toast, and chicken noodle soup." I ordered all three (nothing like hot soup for "brunch" on a 90-degree day). Once back in the office with my bag of celeb-approved food, I paused for a quick pic or three, and then I got down to business.
Photographed by Elizabeth Buxton.
The waffles came prepackaged, another shocker when you think about the fact that Kylie could probably have a personal chef whip up fresh waffles for her at any time. (But let's not forget that this is a girl who prefers Aunt Jemima maple syrup and supermarket marshmallows.) That said, the waffles were actually delicious — dense and moist with a caramelized crunch. The soup was also flavorful and went down surprisingly easy at 11 a.m. in tandem with my iced coffee, plus, it came with extra bread! The avocado toast, however, was underwhelming. The spread was a bit too lemony and chia-seed heavy, and the sourdough was soggy. Overall, though the brunch seemed trendy, it tasted mass-produced. But that hasn't stopped our girl Kylie, "I actually love that it's a chain because I can eat at their locations all over the world. No matter the location, the food is always good..." The takeaways from eating Kylie Jenner's favorite brunch? When you're a world traveler, consistency in taste and ambiance can be the key to feeling right at home — that and it's never too early OR hot for soup. Oh, and celebrities really are just like us.

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