This Zit Cupcake Is The Grossest & Coolest Thing On The Internet

#popaholicsunite #drpimplepopper Made with popping love by @blessedbybaking

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If late-night k-holes into the internet’s underbelly have taught us anything, it’s that people secretly love watching zits being popped. Take the sweeping popularity of Dr. Pimple Popper's videos. Sandra Lee, MD, a Los Angeles-based dermatologist, gives a closeup view of some of the most challenging skin issues she treats through graphic videos like “Blackhead Goldmine.” It’s fascinating for some; hard to watch for others. But now, it’s inspiring artistry in a most surprising form: that of a sweet little cupcake. That’s right, Blessed by Baking, a Southern California-based confectionery that creates custom cupcakes, Rice Krispies treats, and other desserts, has honored the skin-clearing work of Dr. Lee by creating a tribute cupcake that’s frosted to look like a blemish. What’s more, it’s designed with a special interactive feature: Squeeze the center and a pus-like custard comes out. We'll pause for effect here. Of course, the bake shop is also known for its more conventional treats. (This purple candy apple adorned with a rhinestone stick is just begging to be featured in Snow White’s Instagram feed.) But the internet doesn’t always go for pretty. And for reasons that remain unexplained, this delightfully graphic pimple-popper cupcake has our hearts. Naturally, we must note that picking at your skin is a big no-no — even if a dessert inspired it.

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