The Terrible Reason This Teen Wasn’t Invited To Her Aunt’s Wedding

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Not getting a wedding invite to a loved one's big day can sting, but it can often be rationalized. Maybe they're keeping things super small. Or they know attending their destination wedding would be too big of a financial burden on you. But in a recent wedding horror story posted on Reddit, one teen didn't make the cut to attend her aunt's wedding — because of her disability.
Redditor Zinogirl, who identifies herself as a 15-year-old girl, explained in a post published on July 7, "I'm just very upset now because my aunt's wedding is soon and I learned that I can't go to the wedding because she didn't invite me. I have a physical disability and I need crutches but I can handle myself. The invitation to our family says my parents and my brothers [not me]."
She went on to explain that her aunt claims, "that the venue isn't friendly and comfortable for me."
In a follow-up post Ziongirl published on July 19, said she had confronted her aunt, with her two brothers offering to boycott the wedding if an invite was not extended to their sis. The aunt insisted the lack of invite was for the teen's own comfort. As the post explains, "She said it's not pity it's genuine concern for my well-being. She doesn't want me [to] see other girls my age do the things I can't do and feel jealous and inadequate."
It's important to make your wedding day into something you're comfortable and happy with. But achieving that should never require discrimination.

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