Nicholas Hoult Had Something To Say About Hiddleswift

Photo: Brian To/Shutterstock/REX.
Nicholas Hoult had some interesting things to say about Hiddleswift and the couple's connection to his latest movie. As Marie Claire pointed out, Hoult revealed in a new interview for Made In Hollywood TV that he did the movie Equals with Kristen Stewart, "as a tribute for Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift." While it's pretty clear Hoult's joking — c'mon, he's clearly trying to keep a straight face — what's unclear is whether or not he's shading the new couple. Especially since his new film is about a futuristic world where people aren't allowed to truly show their emotions, making falling in love pretty tough. Or maybe Hoult's just poking fun at the media scrutiny surrounding Hiddleswift and celebrity relationships in general. Since he once dated Jennifer Lawrence — though the two unfortunately didn't get a clever portmanteau (Lawhoult? Holawrence?) — he may have some feelings about the latter. Perhaps we're reading this all wrong, and Hoult is really just a sucker for love — even if it seems too good to be true. A guy who loves himself a happy ending despite the odds. Equals does have some pretty sexy scenes for a sci-fi movie, after all. If you'd like to (over)analyze Hoult's response, fast forward to the 4:39 mark and decide for yourself what the British actor really means by his Hiddleswift comment.

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