This Starbucks Lid Hack Will Blow Your Mind

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
You know all those times you've sipped on a cold Starbucks beverage in the middle of a hot summer day? Beads of condensation inch their way down your cup toward the surface it's perched on. What do you do? Nobody likes a water ring, but what if you don't have a coaster on hand? (And honestly why would you?) Fear not, because Starbucks has thought this through, and it has a solution. Prepare to be amazed. The lid of your iced Starbucks drink actually doubles as a coaster. Here's how it works:
It's hard to believe we didn't know about this before. It seems so simple, yet it's pure genius. Thanks for being way smarter than we are, Starbucks. Now we're left wondering what other brilliant coffee-drinking hacks we've been missing. (Cosmopolitan)

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