Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling Are Back At It Again With Their Totally Insane On-screen Chemistry

We loved them in 2011 rom-com drama Crazy, Stupid, Love. Two years later, they dazzled us again in crime thriller Gangster Squad. And now, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are enchanting us once more. The actors are recreating their incredible chemistry for us again in La La Land.
The first trailer for the musical dramedy — co-starring John Legend and J.K. Simmons — dropped on Wednesday. It's eerily beautiful and has a sort of dark whimsy to it. There's no dialogue — only Gosling's beautiful voice. He plays a jazz musician named Sebastian — and yes, he sings in the trailer. (There's some surprisingly sensuous whistling and piano-playing in there too.) Stone, meanwhile, co-stars as a struggling actress named Mia. Basically, the couple can't take their eyes off each other — and we can't either when this hits theaters in December.

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