Khloé Kardashian Tweets Dismay At Latest Lamar Odom Incident

Khloé Kardashian took to Twitter to express her dismay at the recent news that Lamar Odom had been kicked off a Delta flight from Los Angeles to New York for allegedly being drunk and vomiting in the airplane bathroom. Odom reportedly vomited both in the galley and in the airplane bathroom, even attempting to return to the flight after being removed. He had vomit on his clothing when he did so. Kardashian made a tweet with a single emoji in apparent reaction to the incident.
Though it seems like a leap to say that the emoji was about Odom, her responses make it clear that she could only be talking about him. She also took the time to respond to critics who called her out for her recent dating habits.
A sheep herded by society. That’s gotta hurt. Kardashian said that she tries to save every soul.
Odom's fall from the professional basketball elite has been hard to watch, probably doubly so for his friends and loved ones. We thought he was on the road to recovery, but it's no longer clear if that's the case.

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