Here’s What We Can Expect From Outlander Season 3

Photo: courtesy of Starz.
If you've been going through Outlander withdrawal since the Season 2 finale, here's something to tide you over: We've now got a few intriguing clues about the next season. Executive producer Maril Davis told Entertainment Tonight that (spoiler alert) Claire and Jamie will reunite, but only over a time span "consistent to the books." In other words, don't hold your breath. "I would hate to see them together immediately," she said. "We’re still kind of figuring that out, but you should feel that 20 years has passed and it shouldn’t be easy. That's a huge separation for them and they think they'll never see each other again." Given all the time that passes, it does seem like the romance of Season 3 will be very different from Season 2's. But Davis said they won't do much to change the characters' appearances. "A lot of it will be through the acting," she said. She also mentioned that Season 3 will have 13 episodes like Season 2, not 16 like Season 1. That may not feel like enough, but at least it'll fit into a year. And her advice on getting through Droughtlander? "I want [fans] to know that hopefully the Droughtlander won't be so long, but that we've kept them wanting more," she said. "In season three, they'll be seeing these characters they know and love and going on a journey with them."

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