11 Jobs We Had No Idea Paid $100K Salaries

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
If you're looking for a career with a big salary, chances are someone at some point has suggested you become a doctor or a lawyer. Typically, the left-brained, science-y people get pointed down the med-school route, and the more right-brained of us (hi!) get steered toward law school.
But just because you've ruled out medicine and law doesn't mean you've eliminated the chance for a big job — and a paycheck to match. Glassdoor has rounded up a list of 11 jobs with a median pay of at least $100,00 a year — and often with a base pay already exceeding that.
The list comes from employees' anonymous salary reporting over the past two years, and the jobs range from the common (dentist) to the not-so-common (ever considered becoming a special agent?). Oh, and all the positions are currently hiring.
Ahead, 11 not-so-expected jobs that pay well — really well. Are you surprised by what made the list?

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