Alex Kingston Will Be In The Gilmore Girls Revival

At Supercon in Miami last weekend, Dr. Who actress Alex Kingston revealed some exciting news. "I also got to play a role in the reboot of the Gilmore Girls," she announced while telling an audience about her latest projects. "I know that we're allowed to talk about it now, but I don't know how much we're allowed to talk about," she added. But she did say this: "I play a sort of very eccentric character in a couple of those episodes."
She mentioned that she used to occasionally catch the original Gilmore Girls shooting while she was on set for ER at Warner Bros. "It was so funny for them to sort of reboot it again," she said. "Alexis... she's all grown up. That's amazing. I remember when she was so young." This time, though, they didn't shoot the show at Warner Bros. lot, she said. "We were on location, which was nice."
She's not giving us too much to work with, but we do know she'll be in several episodes and that she likely filmed scenes with Alexis Bledel, so her role just may be an important one. Whoever she plays, she'll definitely add some character to the show.

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