People Are Not Happy With Tyga’s New Video

On July 1, Tyga released the music video for his new song, "1 of 1," on YouTube. Over the holiday weekend the video sparked multiple controversies.
Many viewers expressed frustration that the video, shot in Jamaica, starred Amina Blue, an American model of German-Pakistani heritage rather than a woman from Jamaica. Beyond that, Blue is wearing Bantu knots, a hairstyle with African roots. This led to many commentators to accuse the video of cultural appropriation. Tyga is of Jamaican descent himself, which only seemed to fuel frustration over his casting Blue as the leading lady instead of a Jamaican woman.
Others are accusing Tyga's new song of sounding similar to other artists' work, like Drake. While some are merely suggesting Tyga was inspired by Drake's songs, many are calling it out right copying. Tyga has not responded to either accusation.

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