Did You Catch The Friends Reference In UnReal?

Photo: BEI/REX/Shutterstock.
Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel dates a guy names Russ who looks and acts exactly like Ross? Now, remember Monday's episode of UnReal, where (spoiler alert) Jeremy (Josh Kelly) rebounds from Rachel (Shiri Appleby) by dating Yael (Monica Barbaro), known as "hot Rachel" by Everlasting's cast? Apparently, those two plot lines were similar for a reason. "Monica and I talked about it because we thought it was funny — we thought it was like the Ross and Russ and Rachel episode of Friends," Kelly told People. Okay, we know this is confusing because UnReal has a character named Rachel and an actress named Monica. But ignore those for a second, because the actual parallel is between Rachel from Friends and Jeremy from UnReal: Both date their exes' lookalikes in an effort to get over them. Yes, it's kind of a stretch. But any effort to make a show more like Friends is one we can appreciate.

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