7 Important Menstruation Moments From Movies & TV

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
Ah, the period. This monthly biological occurrence has been a defining part of the female experience for as long as people have been around. Seeing as how periods are an integral part of the human experience for, you know, 50% of the population, it's only fitting that the bloodbath miracle of menstruation be immortalized in pop culture.
In 2016, menstruation has become par for the course in movies and TV. And like any versatile player, the period can perform many different roles, from the comic to the dramatic: A symbolic coming-of-age, a sitcom-scene setup, a mother-daughter bonding moment, a friendship challenge, or a good old-fashioned gore-fest.
We combed through movies and TV to find some of the most memorable representations of the period in pop culture. What we found was alternately sweet, funny, and downright terrifying. Here are seven important menstruation moments from movies and TV.

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