Gordon Ramsay Has A Pretty Strong Opinion About This Food Trend

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage.
Our fave celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay participated in another Reddit AMA this week where he got real about everything from cooking burgers to Brexit. In true Ramsay fashion, he was brutally honest while still managing to be utterly charming. One of the best questions from the AMA came from a Redditor known as suaveitguy, who asked: "What is the dumbest trend in food that you thought would not have lasted, but has?" Ramsay's answer? Foam. Never one to hold back, the British chef had a hilariously graphic way of describing what he thinks of the foam trend. Here's what he wrote: "I think foam should be used for shaving, not go on top of food. Because when a foam hits a plate, unless you've eaten it within three or four seconds, at the end it looks like sort of toxic scum on a stagnant pool. So I started with foams in the '90s, and I'm still amazed that they're around now. So we need to get rid of the foam, and keep foam for shaving." Anyone who ever thought edible foam was swanky is sure to change their tune after hearing it equated to toxic pool scum. And those of us who always thought foam was a ridiculous food trend are feeling pretty vindicated right about now. Thanks, chef Ramsay.

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