15 Restaurants Celebrities Can’t Get Enough Of

This story was originally published on July 11, 2016.
No matter if they're at home in L.A., relaxing in the Hamptons, or shooting a movie in Atlanta, celebrities are taken to the best (and, ahem, priciest) places to dine. Maybe there's some kind of secret restaurant guide that stars are given when they make it big. Or maybe, they all share recommendations on set. Whatever the reason, famous people seem to frequent a specific grouping of hotspots. And since we're always wondering what our favorite celebs are up to, we decided to compile a list of said go-to eateries.
Ahead, discover the restaurants, cafés, and bakeries all across America where you just might spot a star. Just make sure to check the menu before heading over. At some of these places, just getting a drink could take a serious bite out of your non-Hollywood paycheck. Maybe that's why the paparazzi are always waiting outside.

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