This Web Series Takes A Hilariously Accurate Look At A Modern Woman’s Life

Most twentysomethings know the struggle of finding a time when you and all your best friends can get together. During this part of our lives, many of us are busy establishing our careers, looking for love, and just trying to be adults. Technology, while connecting us, can end up creating even more distractions and make it easy for us to flake on commitments. A new web series from the mind of writer and producer Hillary Berkowitz Nussbaum explores this very scenario with painfully accurate (and hilarious) results. Keep Me Posted features three best friends — Ali, Kavita, and Becca — who are struggling to stay connected as they become adults and face different challenges. The three-part web series was co-produced by Pitch Her Productions, a badass non-profit production company that works to promote women in film. A teaser for Keep Me Posted debuted last night, and it gives us the perfect first taste of what we can expect from these three friends. The trailer shows various interactions between the girlfriends via text and social media. Two of the women are roommates, but they still have no interaction outside of a virtual chat and a single yell through their apartment wall. Kavita is deeply — and somewhat depressingly — invested in her career, Ali is preoccupied planning her wedding, and Becca struggles with creative pursuits and dating. After the ladies try unsuccessfully to find a time to all hang out, the video ends with Ali writing out a snarky text, which she contemplates sending before deleting it and getting back to her wedding plans. These characters are all too relatable and each show a different side of what it's like to be a young woman struggling to find her place in the modern world — and fit in her friendships, too. Check out the trailer below and keep your eyes out for updates on the series.

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