Roomba Beer Pong Is Sweeping The Nation

If you’re planning to have a party this holiday weekend, consider investing in some Roombas. No, not for the after-party cleanup. The latest and greatest party craze is Roomba Beer Pong. A simple 9-second video hit YouTube earlier this week, and it has so far garnered 170,889 views and counting. The now-famous video shows a group playing Beer Pong, but the drinking game has a major twist. The solo cups are perched atop Roombas that move around on small square tables. The moving targets provide an added challenge to the game.
We like the idea of switching up a classic party game, but we're not sure how practical the addition is, since Roombas are expensive — and it may not be the best plan to repeatedly spill beer on them. Maybe the best way to make it happen is to invite people to your party who already own Roombas. Make it a BYORoomba party. Hopefully, you'll even get more than two, and you can set up your very own DJ Roomba, add some child care, and even more entertainment (seriously click that one). Now that would be a par-tay.

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