Game Of Thrones‘ Littlefinger Says He Might Betray Sansa

photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Sansa’s reign over Winterfell might be shorter than she had hoped. A scene from a few seasons prior seems to suggest that Littlefinger might not have her best interests at heart. To put things bluntly: He promises Cersei that he’ll bring her Sansa’s head on a spike in exchange for Cersei naming him Warden of the North. Actor Aidan Gillen directly addresses whether or not Cersei will call in his debt to her in a Q&A with Vulture. “She might,” Gillen tells Vulture. “And I might bring her Sansa's head on a spike!” But we should be careful not to take anything Gillen says that face value. After all, he hasn’t read next season’s scripts any more than we have (we think). But he does have something interesting to say about how Sansa is operating, specifically in reference to her sandbagging Jon about the Knights of the Vale. “She really is becoming more like me,” Gillen tells Vulture. “More Baelish–like in the way she's operating, and the fact that she's operating at all. She has become a player under my tutelage, and that's what I wanted.” So Sansa is becoming smarter, but does she realize everything that’s going on? She’s certainly no stranger to manipulative men, but Littlefinger is a lot less easy to grasp than someone like Ramsay. We should also remember that the castle is occupied by a few Northern soldiers and a whole lot of Littlefinger’s army. That’s not a good situation for anyone to be in, even if a whole room just chanted that they were with the King of the North.

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