Shawn Mendes’ New Tattoo Plays Tricks On Your Eyes

Shawn Mendes' new tattoo, his first, needs to be seen to be believed — and probably more than once. As Teen Vogue points out, at first glance, the singer's tattoo appears to be a guitar, but if you zoom in a little you'll see it's so much more. The ink, done by tattoo artist Livia Tsang at Chronic Ink Tattoos in Mendes' hometown of Toronto, is actually actually made of smaller tattoos that pay tribute to where he came from. The elaborate arm art features the Canadian city's CN Tower, which makes up the neck of the guitar, while the guitar's body features trees reflecting in a pond.

Here is a close-up of @shawnmendes tattoo!!! #wearproud #workproud

A photo posted by CHRONIC INK TATTOOS (@chronicink) on

There's also one other hidden gem about this already #unrealtattoo. Right after the CN Tower is a soundwave that Mendes revealed on Chronic Ink's Tattoo Snapchat is something really special. “It’s cool because the little sound wave right here is actually my parents saying 'I love you,'" he explained, melting hearts everywhere. While the tattoo certainly looks like it would be painful, Mendes was apparently a real champ about it. Don't believe us? Just ask Tsang, who took it upon herself to set the record straight on Twitter, writing, "No, he did not cry."

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