Cersei’s Game Of Thrones Revenge Scene Syncs Perfectly With “Let It Go”

One of the best parts of the Game of Thrones finale was the scene in which Cersei (an incest enthusiast who tortures nuns for fun) got her immensely satisfying revenge (by blowing up a building and killing hundred to take out an old guy who wears robes) was the music. The montage was expertly shot, paced, and matched perfectly with the haunting score. We can’t stop thinking about how it swells to match the wildfire exploding through the floor of the building, and syncs perfectly with Cersei’s smirk. But what if there was a little bit of a different score? From a little bit of a different movie? A genius YouTuber discovered by E! News matched Cersei’s revenge with Idina Menzel’s iconic “Let It Go,” the hit song from Frozen. And we have to say, it matches up almost better than the original. The music hits just as the explosion tears apart the sept full of people. And then the cue that matches Cersei’s sigh of relief is basically perfect. Describing it any more would be a great injustice, so watch below.

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