A New Photo Shows A Potential Big Change For Gilmore Girls

A new image on Netflix's Instagram account has Gilmore Girls fans nervous about how different Stars Hollow and its inhabitants might be after a nearly-10-year break. The photo, captioned "Home is where the WIFI connects automatically," features a phone with a variety of Wi-Fi networks named for Netflix shows' locations, like Orange Is The New Black's Litchfield — plus a network named "Luke's." As in, the diner owned by a guy who didn't even have a TV (until he got one for Lorelai, of course). In the 2016 version of Luke's, will he be handing patrons Wi-Fi passwords with their pancakes?
The phone could just be a fun way to link all the worlds of Netflix shows together. But even if Luke's hasn't kept up with the times, that doesn't mean there won't be big technological changes in the town. Will the local video store still be standing, or has it been replaced by a DVD vending machine? Will Mrs. Kim have an Etsy store? Now, fans just have that many more questions as we await the premiere of the new episodes.

Home is where the WIFI connects automatically.

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