Desiigner Loses His Mind, Internet Gets to Meme-ing

Desiigner is rapidly rising in the estimation of both hip-hop aesthetes and the general public. His genius annotation of his hit “Panda” is the closest thing we’ll get to Finnegan’s Wake both in terms of deliberate obfuscation and obvious genius. His dance moves are also an inspiration. At the “Famous” launch event, he looked about as excited as one might expect, dancing crazily while waving around a bag of some unidentified substance. But nobody thought much of it, possibly because they were still trying to process when Kanye put a mirror on the screen. Fast forward to Sunday’s BET Awards and Desiigner did the same thing with a slightly less-hyped audience.
That’s our young man from Brooklyn losing his mind and Fabolous looking at him like people look at Taylor Swift during awards shows. Twitter had a field day.
Here’s video of the event in question, with a helpful laugh track.
This is basically the IRL Mr. Krabs meme but, like, so much more lit.

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