The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Shower Jell-O

What's a day on the internet without a strangely fascinating video that gets you through the afternoon slump? Today's find isn't a giraffe feeding a kitten, or a cosplay artist turning into a photorealistic version of the Eiffel Tower: It's a handful of a Jell-O-like substance that you can use to clean your body. The products, officially called Lush Shower Jellies, were released in 2006 to celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary, but have been gaining weird internet traction since this video was posted on Facebook over the weekend. Shower Jellies are actually made without an ounce of gelatin — so they're super-safe for those of us who prefer vegan products. Formulated with seaweed, they're soothing, cooling, and can be used in your hair to add some attention-worthy shine. You can also toss 'em in the freezer for an added chill boost. Or you could just poke them and be amused by the funny jiggle. (All the correct ways to use the product are outlined on the Lush website.) In the video, you can see that the Jellies can be sudsed up in the shower or bath — and like other soaps from Lush, you can cut them up depending on how much you want to use at a time. Our hunch is that these wiggle worms will become the next Bath Bomb-like Instagram sensation. Until then, we'll be playing the video — over and over and over again.

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