Leslie Jones Gave Seth Meyers An Epic Game Of Thrones Play-By-Play

Photo: Broadimage/REX.
Watch out, Daenerys: There might be a new Khaleesi in town. Seth Meyers invited comedian and Game of Thrones fan (if you haven't checked out her Sunday night live tweets, what are you doing with your life?!) Leslie Jones to his late night show, and Game of Jones was born. The Ghostbusters star revealed her love of dragons (including a spot-on fire-breathing imitation) and schooled Meyers on Compton fighting terminology. (But really though, Seth? You've never heard the term "squab?" We need to get you out more.) She also offered up some too-late advice to Rickon Stark. (Do we even need to say "spoiler alert" at this point? Okay: SPOILER ALERT!) "I love you Rickon, but you need to zig-zag, motherfucker!" Jones yelled right before his death. "Don't just let him shoot the arrow in you!" When the camera zoomed in on a muddied-and-bloodied Jon Snow, Jones said — with the same stars in her eyes as so many of us every week — "Look at him, all mud." Meyers asserts, "A muddy Jon Snow shows up at your apartment; you do not send him away." Jones: "I do not send him away, but he does not get into the bed. I got real nice sheets, he can't mess them up. But, we can do it on the floor, for sure." Solid battle plan, Jones. Check out the video below for more of her hilarious commentary. One more spoiler alert: Her reaction to Snow punching Ramsay Bolton to near death was the same as ours: "Beat his ass, Jon Snow!"

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