Finding A Cool Cheeto Can Win You $60,000 & A Museum Show

Chicago Tribune / Getty Images
If you’ve ever looked at a Cheeto, thought it looked like a famous historical or pop culture figure, and then shrugged and popped it in your mouth, you may have cost yourself $60,000. While that might seem insane, it’s quite literally true. A new contest from Frito-Lay, the popular snack items manufacturer, is look for the “Mona Lisa of Cheetos shapes.” Yes, really. They made a press release and everything. The eventual winner, along with other beautiful snack items, will be housed in a physical museum space. Fans can submit a photo and short story about their Cheeto shape at the Cheetos Museum website. The submissions will be voted on weekly, with each weekly winner getting $10,000 and have their Cheeto put online and in a museum. The grand prize winner will get an additional $50,000. Not bad for some snack items. There is also some travel at stake. “In addition to hunting for one-of-a-kind shapes, enthusiasts can also look for one of 10 surprise Cheetos game pieces, representing specific Cheetos Museum shapes, hidden inside specially marked bags of Cheetos,” Frito-Lay says in the release. “The 10 lucky fans to uncover these pieces of Cheetos art will win an ultimate family vacation (worth $10,000) to one of the cities represented by the game pieces.” Of course, this will just incentivize Cheetos addicts to rip open bags and pour out the snack uneaten. Just to stare at them, looking for any hint of aesthetic possibility. It's like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory but with vaguely cheese-flavored snack items. And no maniacal kid-murderer at the end. We think. Probably. View the collection and vote for your favorite pieces here. Read the full rules here.

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