An Artist Sculpted This Game Of Thrones Villain Out Of Watermelon

The only thing more terrifying than a zombie king is a zombie king made out of a large melon. While that’s a famous saying that everyone knows and loves, never has it been more true than in the work of Valeriano Fatica. Fatica is an Italian food sculptor who looks at watermelon like Da Vinci looked at slabs of pristine marble. That is: He envisions what it could be. In the past, he’s created things like gourd demons and once made a hard cheese Jesus. (Hard Cheesus? We’ll work on a snappier name.) His latest sculpture is hist most directly tied to pop culture and boy is it a doozy. The Italian has made an exact replica of the Night’s King, the uber villain from Game of Thrones. While the red in the watermelon makes the sculpture look a little bit like Darth Maul (sorry, it’s true), we’re still a little afraid this guy will bring an army after us. Picture it: Reconstituted orange rinds leaping from the garbage, honeydew rolling angry out of the pantry, a peach pit flying through the window. The army of the fruit dead is nothing to sneeze at. Check out a video of the piece’s creation below.

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