A Guide To Reacting To Beyoncé’s Side-Eye

Beyoncé, unlike myself, enjoys basketball. But like myself, she also enjoys giving major side-eye. These two passions of hers overlapped last week in the most hilarious way. And no one knows that better than Cleveland Cavaliers fan Steve Cespedes, a random guy who is now internet famous due to a certain viral picture of him and Queen Bey. Here's what went down — while Bey and Jay Z sat courtside for game six of the NBA Finals, the paparazzi snapped a picture of Bey shooting some sizzling side-eye at an unassuming man seated one seat down from her. The photo quickly went viral, while the game was still going on, due to this tweet from The Huffington Post.
The man on the receiving end of said "side-eye" shade was Cespedes. He then did something many of us dream of — he approached Bey and showed her the funny picture of the two of them. Imagine laughing at a candid picture with Beyoncé! The two then decided to recreate the photo again and respond to HuffPo. Internet gold.
In the meantime, The Shade Room had also Instagrammed the photo, so Cespedes responded to clarify that there was no ill will behind the picture.
Cespedes then took it one step further and responded to a woman's tweet trying to shade him. The user wrote "she was mocking you boo," to which he clapped back a bit.
And lastly, he responded to a friend, Ken Carman, who was lamenting over the game.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a quality example of sportsmanship. Winners all around.

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