You Will Soon See Hamilton With Its Original Cast…For Free

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Lin-Manuel Miranda promised to lock the Hamilton recordings in Gringotts. Now, it looks like they'll be sneaking out way sooner than any of us expected. PBS announced that they'll be broadcasting at least part of Miranda's final shows as part of their Great Performances series on October 17, PureWow reports. While they didn't say whether or not they'd be releasing a recording of the whole show, it will be the only time that many Americans can see the original Hamilton cast performing the show. Your tax dollars at work: Ensuring you can see famous musicals about long-dead politicians without putting on pants. It's better than a bridge to nowhere.
This article was originally published on June 16, 2016.
Good news bad news time. Bad news: Hamilton as we know it will end July 9. Creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda is departing on that day, along with co-star Phillipa Soo, and whomever else on the cast doesn’t decide to renew their contracts. That’s driven the ticket prices, already high, to a shocking $2,000+ for Miranda’s last show. And that’s just to get in the door. Good seats will run you considerably more. After Miranda departs, he will be replaced by Javier Muñoz, his alternate who’s already performing twice a week. Miranda was actually Muñoz’s understudy during the first year, so in a way this is vintage Hamilton. Good news: The final two performances will be taped. But Miranda doesn’t know what will be done with them yet.
So, in other words, when they’re inevitably released on VOD or in theaters, we can just go see them for $15 instead of the ridiculous $2,000. But yeah the magic of live theater or whatever.

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