A Drunk Guy Left His Server A $1,088 Tip

Photo: Credit: Kathryn Scott Osler/Getty Images.
Drunkenness can bring out all different sides of people. Some people are angry drunks, some are affectionate drunks, and one guy in Edgewater, CO is apparently a very generous drunk. Bee Anantatho, owner of the Thai restaurant Thailicious, told The Denver Post that one of the servers received a tip of $1088 for a meal of approximately $60. “He was so happy,” she recalled. Unfortunately, he was in for a big letdown: The customer came back the next day asking for the money back. He still left $100 total — which includes a very generous tip of about 67 percent — but nowhere near the original. Why the $1088, though? It's possible he intended to leave an 18 percent tip, which would have been 10.80, and forgot the decimal point — but that still doesn't explain that extra eight at the end. Maybe it has a symbolic meaning to him...or maybe he was just really drunk. Anantatho's theory is that he thought the hundred-dollar bills were one-dollar bills. Either way, though her restaurant's now down a thousand bucks, Anantatho thinks she did the right thing by proving that sometimes, we can live our drunken decisions down.
Link to Article: http://www.refinery29.com/2016/06/114084/mila-kunis-ashto

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