The World’s Avocado Obsession Has Officially Gone Too Far

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
We love avocados as much as the next fanatic. We search for the perfectly ripe one, we Instagram it (duh), and finally we eat. Avocado toast has become engrained in our millennial identities — a sort of food mascot for our generation, if you will. But, have we ever stopped to wonder what would happen if our beloved fruit were to run out?
Well, The Guardian has brought to our attention a real life avocado shortage currently taking place in New Zealand. End times are near; our nightmares have come true. The shortage has actually resulted in a crime spree with some New Zealanders capitalizing on the scarcity as an opportunity to turn a profit (i.e. stealing from the orchards and selling the fruit back at local markets). There have been nearly 40 separate incidents, according to the CNBC clip below. Many of the pillaged avocado farms have installed updated security systems in order to prevent further fruit thievery until growing stabilizes.
What's happening in New Zealand has got us thinking: What would we do without the wholesome, protein rich, velvety, and spreadable substance? Our toasts would be bare, our stomachs and our Instagrams empty. Would we revolt? We don't have to worry about that for now, but this news kind of makes us want to stockpile 'cados anyway.

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