Leo Dons Questionable Disguise While Attending A Beyoncé Concert

Theory: Leonardo DiCaprio is gunning for the lead role in a new adaptation of Newsies. Why else would he be sporting a newsboy cap as a disguise when there are so many other better options?
The Revenant Oscar winner rolled into a recent Beyoncé concert with his crew, and also this hat, in tow. His real friends would have told him that there are other ways to obscure his DiCaprioness at the show. Viable options include: a Nixon mask, Groucho fuzzy nose and glasses get-up, sheet with eyeball cutouts. Other news gleaned from this celeb moment, other than an apparent predilection for early aughts era headwear: Leo likes Beyoncé! Stars — they're just like us. Except they have excellent seats at the Formation tour. In that way, they are not like us most of us at all.

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