21 Things Fast Food Workers Don’t Want You To Know

Fast food is just that — fast. Most of the time we're not spending more than a minute or two with the people who are handling our to-go bags. So, let’s take a minute to slow down. Consider the voice behind that speaker box who has some serious insider info as to how our fast food is actually prepared. For everyone who's ever impatiently shouted their preferred order, or waited with a foot on the brakes and a hand out the window — keep reading. Thanks to the app Whisper, we're able to read about all kinds of anonymous confessions. Some of these secrets may warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. Some may terrify and derail you from your fast food habit. Either way, they'll definitely shed new light on your next order of large fries (hold the salt).
I work in fast food and when people act like asshats I give them 1 sauce packet
Working in fast food, I may as well be invisible to customers.
I feel like working in fast food is making me stupid
I work in fast food. Every time I greet a customer, I am usually mentally swearing at their complicated orders and Inability to make up their mind. My smile is only a cover up.
I work in fast food and it irritates the fuck out of me when people treat us like scum. Just cause we aren
I work in fast food. When I go to give people their food and say "have a nice day" all I get is "uh huh." At least have the decency to say "you too" even if you don
I work in fast food and it takes every bone in my body not to mess with someone
I work in fast food Do not stand at the counter waiting for your food Please have a seat
I work at Taco Bell, whenever someone doesn
I work at Burger King Sometimes when I pack value onion rings, I put 9 instead of 8 rings in the bag #rebel
As a fast food worker I try to make someone
I probably know the Taco Bell menu better than Burger King
I work at Burger King and I always make up a life story for every person who enters.
I work in fast food and nothing has made me hate people more than this job has...
I work in fast food, and my life would be a lot easier if people just knew how to treat one another. Put down your phone and don
I work in fast food; the customer is NOT always right and is NOT entitled to everything.
People say working in fast food isn
Working in fast food I have nightmares about people asking for
I work in fast food; I
I work in fast food and every morning they always forget about my breaks��

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