This Algorithm Will Tell You Your Squad’s Perfect Ice Cream Flavor

Last summer, Talenti Gelato launched “Flavorize Me,” a campaign that analyzed your social media posts in order to determine the perfect flavor for you based on your personality. Yesterday, the brand announced that it will now use its Flavorize algorithm to provide groups of friends with gelato flavors that best represent them. This is genius since absolutely nothing says friendship like going spoons-in on a pint together, right? Here’s how it works: The algorithm scans consumers' social media posts and then assigns a "flavor sentiment, like sweet, sour, spicy, salty or bitter to each post," the press release explains. Flavor-determining factors include, word choice, emoji usage, punctuation, and color. These tidbits will then be combined to make full gelato flavors. Can I just say, that for those of us who constantly overanalyze people’s emoji usage and punctuation in texts and on social media — we know who we are — it’s pretty refreshing to see this sometimes torturous practice going toward something enjoyable like a delicious dessert. You’ll have the option to invite your friends to join your flavor team. The more buds you add, the more complex the flavor. According to Talenti, “With hundreds of available ingredients and more than 1,500 words assigned to flavor profiles, there is potential to generate over 145 million combinations.” Your friend group could have a completely one-of-a-kind taste. For a chance to have your gang's flavor hand-crafted by Talenti founder Josh Hochschuler, visit the Flavorize site now through July 2. On July 25, Talenti will chose the best couple (two people), squad (six people), and group (up to 47 people), and will create a limited quantity of their custom flavors. It looks like we just got a brand new version of #SquadGoals.

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