This Algorithm Will Tell You What Ice Cream Flavor You Are

Photo: Courtesy of Talenti.
We tell the world a lot about ourselves through social media. But did you ever imagine you could be unconsciously telling everyone your perfect ice cream flavor? Talenti Gelato is launching a new campaign today called "Flavorize Me," which analyzes fans' social media posts to determine their perfect flavor based on personality. The algorithm filters Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts through a database of 25,000 common words that are then assigned a corresponding taste: sweet, spicy, and salty. The result is a brand-spanking-new flavor created from a variety of ingredient options. All in all, Flavorize Me has the potential to create over 50 million flavors! The best part is that Talenti will choose a select few of the customized flavors and actually produce the gelato for those personality-quiz takers. I linked Flavorize Me to my Instagram account and got Praline Hungarian Shortbread Mint. I don't really know what that says about my personality (apparently I am 61% sweet, 28% salty, and 11% bitter), but the algorithm also spits out an existing flavor that matches the participant's personality, and mine (Double Dark Chocolate) was frighteningly on point. Though I might not be the best guinea pig, because I'd be hard pressed to find a frozen treat that I don't like. Flavorize Me will run through August 22, and winners who'll get their custom flavors produced will be contacted by September 15.

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